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For Adults

A therapist can help when…

  • You want to prevent life’s stressors from threatening your physical health.

  • You want to build your confidence and resilience to work through life’s challenges.

  • You want the strength and depth to be your best at your job and with your family.

  • You’re having emotional difficulties and it’s hard to function from day to day.

  • You’re actions are harmful to yourself or others (i.e. you drink too much or get too aggressive).

  • You’re overwhelmed and can’t find positive solutions.

  • You’re troubled by emotional difficulties facing family members or close friends.

But will it help?

Research increasingly supports the idea that emotional and physical health are very closely linked and that therapy can improve a person’s overall health status. There is convincing evidence that most people who have at least several sessions of therapy are far better off than untreated individuals with emotional difficulties.

What should I expect in therapy?

We want you to feel that your therapy is truly a joint effort and that you and your therapist enjoy a good rapport. You deserve the best possible psychotherapy experience. You deserve a competent counselor, someone who can really help you, and not hurt you or waste your time.

How does therapy work?

Psychotherapists are not just people who give you advice. Psychotherapy is not simple problem-solving. Therapy produces change in your life, but not primarily because of advice you get from the therapist. In reality, therapy is a much, much richer experience. Psychotherapy is a specialized technique which is effective in helping you cope with a wide range of difficulties. It can produce lasting change in your life.

The foundation of psychotherapy is the relationship you establish with the therapist. Research has shown that the technique the therapist uses is not as important as the relationship you build together. As therapy progresses and trust is established, you will actually use the relationship between you and your therapist as a workspace to resolve problems in your life.

Because the relationship with the therapist is so essential to the process, it is important to find a therapist to whom you feel connected, with whom you feel safe. Our staff members are happy to talk with you over the phone so that you can thoroughly interview the therapist you are considering working with. We are also available to meet for an initial consultation to help you clarify your needs and goals and find the professional who is a good match for you.

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